Cicadas season nears end later this month

*State AP Wire, USA Today A summer without the spastic flight, echoing song and discarded shells of cicadas is unthinkable for Sherry Jimerson Price. She was raised with a love of the ancient insects and remembers collecting their abandoned husks to wear as broaches at her grandmother’s house, not far from where she and herContinue reading “Cicadas season nears end later this month”

Highway 80’s Long-Lost Predecessor Remembered

*State AP Wire CANTON – The history of Van Zandt County, from ancient times to the 20th century, rolls along the Old Dallas- Shreveport Road. Before barbed wire fences and paved highways cut up the historic road, it was a seamless stretch of prehistoric trade routes from Dallas to Shreveport established by the Caddo. “Their trails were just like today’sContinue reading “Highway 80’s Long-Lost Predecessor Remembered”

Murals serve as symbols of community identity

*State AP Wire MINEOLA — The unassuming eye could easily ignore the remnants of the past, tucked away in paintings in corners of East Texas buildings. But these paintings in Kilgore, Longview, Mineola and Rusk post offices represent Depression-era artwork commissioned by one of the federal government’s largest New Deal agencies, the Works Progress Administration.Continue reading “Murals serve as symbols of community identity”

Farming for gold

*State AP Wire GRAND SALINE – Dust from Tony Phillips’ sweet potato fields fills the leather creases across the toe of his workboots. Along the soles, salt from his second job cakes the rubber bottoms. During harvest season, he easily puts in 20 hours a day – a full night at the Morton Salt Mine andContinue reading “Farming for gold”