Longtime guitarist teaching new generation of songwriters

MINEOLA — Aging window panes on the old Beckham Hotel rattle like a snare drum as the afternoon train passes through town. From the building’s structure to the towers of precariously stacked CDs or the guitar-lined walls and eclectic visitors, the hotel is filled with a menagerie of sounds. The owner, John DeFoore, a 65-year-oldContinue reading “Longtime guitarist teaching new generation of songwriters”

Mineola Honors Black Barnstorming Baseball Team

MINEOLA – In a time when racial prejudices divided businesses, water fountains and even the nation’s greatest pastime, The Mineola Black Spiders kept swinging. “They weren’t the greatest, they didn’t make it to the majors … but it is something noteworthy,” said Lou Mallory of the Wood County Historical Commission. The Black Spiders began playing in the late 1920s at Epperson Field in Mineola,Continue reading “Mineola Honors Black Barnstorming Baseball Team”