Murals serve as symbols of community identity

*State AP Wire

MINEOLA — The unassuming eye could easily ignore the remnants of the past, tucked away in paintings in corners of East Texas buildings.

But these paintings in Kilgore, Longview, Mineola and Rusk post offices represent Depression-era artwork commissioned by one of the federal government’s largest New Deal agencies, the Works Progress Administration.

photo by Rachel Seymour for Tyler Morning Telegraph
By assisting professional artists in finding work during the Great Depression, the agency indirectly left behind a trail of history and culture found not in European museums, but in the familiar surroundings of their communities.
“They renewed communities at a time when communities were falling apart,” said Rachel Sailor, an art historian at The University of Texas at Tyler. “I feel like those murals can enact the same kind of community that they were intended to do in the 1930s.” Continue reading Murals serve as symbols of community identity