Highway 80’s Long-Lost Predecessor Remembered

*State AP Wire

CANTON – The history of Van Zandt County, from ancient times to the 20th century, rolls along the Old Dallas- Shreveport Road.

Before barbed wire fences and paved highways cut up the historic road, it was a seamless stretch of prehistoric trade routes from Dallas to Shreveport established by the Caddo.

“Their trails were just like today’s highways with lots of places and villages in between,” said Elvis Allen, a historian with the Van Zandt County Historical Commission. “It meandered the way of the land: village to village, watering hole to watering hole.”

Today, the road has evolved to meet the needs of a new generation.

U.S. Highway 80, which runs parallel to the historic road, “straightened out a lot of the crooks and turns” when the highway was built in 1924, Allen said.

However, through the wooded countryside, deep furrows and scars alongside highways and county roads in northern Van Zandt County give way to the original route the Caddo established.

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